This is a secondary slider alternative

We had a request for a content slider, and here it is as a secondary option for the fronpage template. It is called Front Page (Alternate). Here is some more text to fill out the space so you can see how it looks.

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What is included in the v1.2 update?

Quite a few things, see the changelog for all of it. Some features include video support for portfolio, lightbox for portfolio, updated framework and admin panel. Logo replacement from admin panel is now also possible. This content slider is another feature.We also included TimThumb for thumbnails, where you can use certain filters and crop in different ways.


This is a slider with an image instead

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Howdy, I'm John Doe and I love to create awesome themes.
You can put this text above the slider as well, if you prefer. You decide!

About Peak

Filled with Awesome Functionality

Peak is built into four separate sections, that all can be used independent of the other ones. Front page, portfolio section, tumblog & pages. This means you can use all or just one of the page features - it's up to you.

Many Options and Layouts for Portfolio / Gallery

The portfolio includes 12 different layouts, as well as 3 different single-view layouts. You can give each category its own image size and style. If you upload multiple images to one item, it will become a slider.

Maximized Tumblog with Different Formats

The tumblog formats supported are the following: Standard, Quote, Link, Image, Video, Audio, Status, Gallery, Chat & Aside. Make sure you check the blog section out to see all formats live.

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